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Grounded for Life Beat on the Brat (TV-14) Sean disciplines one of Henry's disobedient friends; Lily asks Brad to choose between her and his dorky friends; Eddie uses a Jewish online dating service.
Grounded for Life The Cheat Is On (TV-14) Claudia copies Lily's school paper for her college English class, only to find out that Lily plagiarized the essay; Eddie teaches Jimmy how to unhook a bra.
Grounded for Life You're So Vain (TV-14) Claudia's father needs a major, undisclosed operation and decides to visit the Finnertys, where everyone but Sean gives him his desired sympathy.
Grounded for Life Pressure Drop (TV-14) Claudia tries to lower Sean's blood pressure by taking on all of his household responsibilities; Lily and Brad lose the car when they search for a new bed.
Spin City Science Friction (TV-14) The Mayor is so embarrassed by his ex-wife's tell-all book that he lets Charlie take over as acting mayor; Caitlin falls in love with a wealthy bachelor.
Spin City Brotherly Love (TV-14) A jealous Charlie tries to drive a rift between Caitlin and her newest boyfriend; Carter tries to prevent his coworkers from learning a secret.
Grounded for Life Get a Job (TV-14) Sean and Eddie offer Walt a job at the bar, but he soon takes over; Lily is less than thrilled about Brad's new job, which takes up all of his time.
Grounded for Life Space Camp Oddity (TV-14) Brad tires of Lily's refusal to admit he had a girlfriend at space camp; Eddie's girlfriend reveals one of his best-kept secrets to Claudia.
Grounded for Life The Policy of Truth (TV-14) Brad begs Lily to forgive him for his indiscretion at space camp until he learns of her fling; Sean sees Claudia's pregnancy test results.
Grounded for Life Man! I Feel Like a Woman (TV-14) Lily and Brad try to remain friends after their breakup; Sean copes with sympathy pregnancy symptoms; Eddie reunites with an ex-girlfriend.
Spin City Wife with Mikey (TV-14) Charlie feels like his authority is being threatened when Mike breaks up with his fiancée and dedicates his time to working on the Mayor's re-election.
Spin City The Apartment (TV-14) The Mayor decides to escape public scrutiny by using Charlie's home as a place to rendezvous with his controversial new girlfriend.
Grounded for Life One Is the Loneliest Number (TV-14) Sean is embittered, because Eddie spends all his free time with his girlfriend, so he starts to point out all of her flaws and "accidentally" smashes her car.
Grounded for Life Day Tripper (TV-14) Lily conspires to get even with Brad by crushing his new girlfriend's chances of becoming the first female on the school's football team.
Grounded for Life You Better You Bet (TV-14) Claudia becomes angry with Sean when she learns he has gambled with the money set aside for the baby's crib and used the winnings to get a new television.
Grounded for Life Psycho Therapy (TV-14) Lily and Brad run against each other in order to be the student body president; Claudia works to keep from learning her baby's gender.
Spin City The Wedding Scammer (TV-14) Caitlin convinces Charlie to pose as her boyfriend in order to impress her mother; Paul is invited to a fashion show by a childhood friend.
Spin City Fight Flub (TV-14) The Mayor's political opponent drops out of the race after suffering a heart attack, but his wife decides to run for mayor in his place.
Grounded for Life I'm Looking Through You (TV-14) Sean must act at the school health fair in a spandex "organ suit" when the hired performer is unable to show up, due to a night of heavy drinking.
Grounded for Life Mystery Dance (TV-14) Sean and Claudia consider selling their bar after they realize they are competing for the same position to cure their financial woes.
Grounded for Life Do Ya Think I'm Sexy (TV-14) Sean tries to help Claudia feel more confident about her looks during pregnancy by paying her study buddy to flirt with her; Eddie's jokes are stolen.
Grounded for Life Tom Sawyer (TV-14) In order to help financially, Sean takes on a second job as a limo driver; Claudia tries to convince her friend that she is not low class.
Spin City Sex, Lies and Video Date (TV-14) Charlie flirts with a woman without realizing she's actually the Mayor's free-spirited niece, whose wild ways end up causing trouble for Charlie and Caitlin.
Spin City Eyes Wide Open (TV-14) Carter asks Charlie to watch the 16-year-old boy he is mentoring while he's away at an unexpected meeting, but Charlie has other plans for the evening.
Grounded for Life The Letters (TV-14) Claudia becomes happy about positive changes in the neighborhood; Sean becomes angry with a letter that tells him to clean up his house.
Grounded for Life Crazy (TV-14) Eddie is shocked when he learns that his crazy ex-girlfriend has been selling naked pictures of him and making large amount of cash by doing so.
Grounded for Life Hello Goodbye (TV-14) Claudia realizes she is in labor at Lily's graduation and must leave early with Sean, which causes Lily's elaborate prank to go awry.
Grounded for Life I Wanna Be Suspended (TV-14) Jimmy is suspended from school when Sean and Claudia convince him to go to a Ramones concert instead of finishing his science project; Sean writes a note.
Spin City A Tale of Four Cities (TV-14) After Charlie is a little too friendly with one of his ex-girlfriends, Caitlin decides to get revenge by going on a business date with an eligible bachelor.
Spin City A Friend in Need (TV-14) The true nature of Charlie and Caitlin's clandestine relationship is exposed; Carter has trouble connecting with his new foster child.
Grounded for Life Devil with a Plaid Skirt (TV-14) Jimmy claims he is possessed by a demon; Lily gets in trouble at school, because her skirt it too short; Sean gets into a battle with school head Sister Helen.
Grounded for Life Action Mountain High (TV-14) Rebellious Lily gets into an altercation at an amusement park and has to ask Sean to come and pick her up; Lily gets caught at an amusement park.
Grounded for Life You Can't Always Get What You Want (TV-14) Lily is angry after being told her family can't afford to send her on a ski trip, and her anger escalates after she learns Sean bought a new guitar instead.
Grounded for Life Like a Virgin (TV-14) Claudia and Lily take a trip to New Jersey in order to spend quality time together, but things change when Claudia tells everyone Lily is a virgin.
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures White Shark (TV-G) Jack seeks out the fearsome great white shark while submerged in a cage in Shark Alley; Jack finds himself face to face with a deadly puff adder.
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures The Tropics Bird Refuge (TV-G) Jack speaks with a bird caretaker about her unique care center and how it has grown to more than 275 exotic birds.
All I Want for Christmas (G, **+) The children of divorced parents create a madcap scheme to get rid of their mom's new fiance and reunite the parents for Christmas.
Airplane II: The Sequel (PG, **+) Ted Striker once again finds himself playing the part of reluctant hero when the crew of the space shuttle is killed by the ship's computer.
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Grounded for Life Devil's Haircut (TV-14) Sean has the responsibility of bringing Henry to the barber shop, but instead he keeps putting it off and does not get Henry to the barber shop on time.
Grounded for Life Eddie's Dead (TV-14) Claudia's friend seeks comfort after a difficult break-up; Sean claims that his father has always taken Eddie's side; Sean refuses to help Eddie date a woman.
Grounded for Life Catch Us If You Can (TV-14) Sean catches a fly ball and causes the Yankees to lose a game; Claudia's bachelorette party is disrupted; the boys are chased home by irate fans.
Grounded for Life Jimmy's Got A Gun (TV-14) Walt gives Jimmy a BB gun for his birthday, which causes a conflict between him and Sean; Walt goes to the hospital after he is shot in the behind.
Spin City Kiss Me, Stupid (TV-14) In celebration of Valentine's Day, Mike goes on a blind date with one of Nikki's friends, and Carter reignites an old romance with a former boyfriend.
Spin City An Affair to Remember (TV-14) Mike and Paul try to get celebrities to attend the Mayor's 50th birthday party, but the festivities could be ruined by scandalous rumors about the Mayor.
Grounded for Life Jimmy Was Kung-Fu Fighting (TV-14) Chaos ensues at the Finnertys' house when Sean and Claudia start working extra shifts to pay for a dream vacation in Cancun; Lily gets her tongue pierced.
Grounded for Life Loser (TV-14) When Sean volunteers as a referee for Henry's soccer league, he makes one unethical decision after another; Lily obsesses over a conversation with a cute boy.
Grounded for Life Mrs. Finnerty, You've Got a Lovely Daughter (TV-14) Sean and Claudia have explaining to do when Lily and her friends are booed off the stage at the school talent show; Sean and Claudia buy cases of candy bars.
Grounded for Life Love Child (TV-14) At a relative's wedding, Lily becomes horrified when she discovers that she was born before her parents got married; Lily hears the complete story of her birth.
Spin City Bone Free (TV-14) The men cause trouble in the office with their romantic pursuits; Nikki begins to question her new boyfriend's ambition as a struggling writer.
Spin City Wonder Woman (TV-14) Mike doesn't think he's ready to have a committed relationship; James is being secretive about his new hobby, so Carter and Stuart decide to investigate.
Grounded for Life Baby, You Can't Drive My Car (TV-14) The disappearance of the family car has Sean mourning the loss, Claudia scheming on the insurance claim, and Lily hiding her tracks about a joyride gone wrong.
Grounded for Life Dream On (TV-14) Sean tries to rekindle Claudia's passion after she dreams about Eddie; Lily blows it with a new boy after she unknowingly gets drunk on Jimmy's spiked cider.
Grounded for Life Don't Let Me Download (TV-14) Claudia finds racy pictures on Jimmy's computer, but it was really Sean who downloaded them; Lily and Jimmy doctor a photo of Sister Helen for an e-mail joke.
Grounded for Life Rubber Sold (TV-14) Sean goes ballistic over Lily's plans to attend a party at Brad's house after he and Eddie witness the neighbor boy buying condoms at the pharmacy.
Spin City My Life Is a Soap Opera (TV-14) Personal information from Mike's love life begins to make its way onto a television soap opera after he begins dating a writer from the show.
Spin City Family Affair, Part 1 (TV-14) When Mike's mother pays him a visit, she and Mayor Winston develop a close friendship; Paul is accidentally shot by an elderly security guard.
Grounded for Life Bang on a Drum (TV-14) Sean and Eddie reunite their old band to play at a wedding reception, but Lily shows too much interest in the drummer; Jimmy convinces Henry that he's a robot.
Grounded for Life Smoke on the Daughter (TV-14) When Claudia resumes her smoking habit and tries to hide it from the family, Lily finds out and blackmails her into buying her a new cell phone.
Grounded for Life Let's Talk About Sex, Henry (TV-14) Sean is determined to teach Henry about "the birds and the bees" in a better way than his father did when Henry witnesses Sean and Claudia sleeping together.
Grounded for Life Is She Really Going Out with Walt? (TV-PG) The Finnertys want Walt to start socializing again, but don't approve of the lady he starts seeing; Lily fears she drove Brad into the arms of another girl.
Spin City Gentleman's Agreement (TV-14) Mike tries to avoid a public relations nightmare by convincing the Mayor it's a bad idea to join a men-only club; James loses money while gambling.
Spin City Deaf Man Walking (TV-14) After Stacey decides to follow Mike's advice and move out of her grandmother's house, her bitter grandmother takes revenge by placing a curse on Mike.
Grounded for Life We Are Family (TV-PG) When a favor for Claudia's well-connected uncle goes wrong, Sean becomes afraid that he may be a mobster; Brad seeks to take advantage of a plumbing problem.
Grounded for Life Mr. Roboto (TV-14) Sean goes overboard when he helps Jimmy create a winning robot for a science fair; Sean discovers that other parents helped their children too much as well.
Grounded for Life Don't Fear the Reefer (TV-14) Sean tries to cut a tree down and causes a blackout during the Super Bowl; Sean spots Lily holding a bag of pot, which he later learns came from his own closet.
Grounded for Life Take It to the Limit (TV-14) Lily's overuse of the family credit card spoils Sean's plans to take Jimmy and his friends to an expensive water park; Eddie keeps a secret box.
Spin City Bye Bye Birdie (TV-14) The girls seek revenge against Stuart after he cancels the male stripper at Claudia's bachelorette party; James, Carter and Mike are caught in a store robbery.
Spin City The Lady or the Tiger (TV-14) Mike begins dating a female magician after she performs at City Hall, but when she begins acting strangely, he can't seem to find a way to break up with her.
Grounded for Life Eddie Said Knock You Out (TV-14) Sean accepts a boxing challenge from his obnoxious neighbor and then learns that Eddie is trying to fix the fight; Claudia is angered by a rumor.
Grounded for Life Safety Dance (TV-14) Sister Helen catches Lily and Dean with alcohol at a school dance, but Lily pleads innocent; Eddie uses Walt as a goon to scare his crooked business associates.
Grounded for Life Relax! (TV-14) Sean tries to convince a gay co-worker to come out of the closet before he learns that Sean has already told people; jealous Lily is ready to fight for her man.
Grounded for Life The Kids Are Alright (TV-14) Sean and Claudia reluctantly allow Eddie to look after the kids while they are away and find Jimmy and Henry locked in the basement when they return.
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures Three NC (TV-G) Jack treks though the Great Smokey Mountains on llamas; North Carolina Zoological Park's veterinary program; endangered wildlife.
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures Okavango Horse Safari (TV-G) Jack and Kathaleen go on a horseback safari in Botswana and are charged by a bull elephant; a scenic water hole hosts a variety of animals.
« Funny About Love (TV-14, PG-13, **) A cartoonist marries a gourmet chef, but when they later separate, he has an affair with a sorority girl and is forced to choose between the two women.
Why Me? (TV-14, R, **)
Life with Mikey (TV-PG, PG, **+) A former child actor who outgrew his popularity and became a children's talent agent meets a 9-year-old pickpocket and sets out to make her a star.
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