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Apache Uprising (TV-PG, NR, **) Outlaws and stage coach passengers who are traveling through an Indian controlled area of Arizona must band together to fight off the attacks of the Apaches.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Going the Distance (HD, TV-G) Jungle Jack travels across the globe to count down the long distance champions, from the Serengeti's Great Migration to sea turtles traveling through currents.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Against all Odds (HD, TV-G) Jack counts down his favorite six animals that have survived against insurmountable odds and have found good homes to keep them safe.
Three Hours to Kill (TV-14, NR, **+) After being framed for a violent murder, a person who managed to escape from a lynch mob is given three hours by the town's sheriff to find the real killer.
The Texican (TV-PG, NR, **+) After being framed by a corrupt saloon keeper, an ex-lawman takes refuge in Mexico, but he later returns to avenge to avenge his brother's murder.
Zane Grey Theater Badge of Honor (TV-PG) A man returns to Crawford, Texas after the war and finds that his town has been taken over by a former confederate colonel; the man must stand up to him.
Zane Grey Theater Man on the Run (TV-PG) A man is lost in the desert and follows a dead mans horse, hoping it will lead him to water; instead what he finds is a young lady who wishes to run away.
Zane Grey Theater The Promise (TV-PG) A mans father asks him of a favor before he dies, asking him to stay on the ranch and work his half of the property, which will be split with his brother.
Zane Grey Theater Blood in the Dust (TV-PG) A newly appointed schoolteacher refuses to give in to the demands of a notorious gunman to leave the town, as he believes in not backing down.
Laramie Broken Honor (TV-PG) The stage gets robbed, prompting Jess to pursue the thieves, who have hidden the strong box on the Hallorans property; a decision to keep the money.
Zane Grey Theater Proud Woman (TV-PG) A headstrong woman tries to not act out on her attraction to an intriguing drifter whom her father hired to work on the family ranch; horse thieves.
Zane Grey Theater Ride a Lonely Trail (TV-PG) Several of the leading citizens in town believe that their Sheriff is getting too old to carry out their job, and advise him against running for reelection.
Zane Grey Theater The Open Cell (TV-PG) A young man involved in a shooting is given another chance by a sheriff, who takes him into his custody for a year; the rest of the town wants him to fail.
Zane Grey Theater The Deserter (TV-PG) A young private deserts the Army and hops on a freight wagon with a manipulating woman who claims to love him; the Army sergeant is assigned to locate him.
Laramie The Unvanquished (TV-PG) Slim gets involved with an Arapaho when he admits that he murdered one of Slims hired hands; he knows that the Arapaho is covering for somebody else.
Zane Grey Theater A Gun Is for Killing (TV-PG) A mans oldest son is killed by a young gunman; his wife begs him not to seek the killer and seek revenge, but he is left with no choice when he goes to town.
Zane Grey Theater A Man to Look Up To (TV-PG) A lawyer is adjusting to life in a new town, which had just gone through a bank robbery; he finds one of the bank robbers wounded and hiding in his office.
Zane Grey Theater Episode in Darkness (TV-PG) A cattleman is framed for murder and he claims a witness could prove his innocence; the problem is that his only witness happens to be blind.
Zane Grey Theater A Gun for My Bride (TV-PG) A rancher fires his hand when he realizes his daughter is developing a romantic attraction to the help; the ranch hand and the ranchers daughter get married.
Laramie The Stranger (TV-PG) Slim and Jess have been losing their cattle to a mysterious man who compensates them by leaving a piece of gold behind with every transaction.
Zane Grey Theater The Bitter Land (TV-PG) A war hero is hired as the foreman of a womans ranch, but she plans to actually use his skills with a firearm in fighting in a range war against another ranch.
Zane Grey Theater Gift from a Gunman (TV-PG) A gunfighter visits an old friend, and says he is tired of living a life as a gunman and wants to finally settle down and start over; wife wants to leave.
Zane Grey Theater Trial By Fear (TV-PG) A local gunslinger kills a man who tried to kill him from his rooftop; the man is not loved by the locals and are looking for a reason to hang him.
Zane Grey Theater Man Unforgiving (TV-PG) A sheriff begins to suspect that his current house guest, a drifter, may actually be an Army doctor; he blames the doctor for the loss of his leg.
Laramie Stage Stop (TV-PG) Jess drifts into Laramie, Wyoming Territory from Texas to look for an old acquaintance who he claims stole his money; the lawmen are less than welcoming.
Zane Grey Theater Threat of Violence (TV-PG) A lawyer doesn't get the job he hoped to obtain, in which he would've worked with the mining company, after they learned he was once a violent gunfighter.
Zane Grey Theater This Man Must Die (TV-PG) A prisoner escapes from police custody on the day before he was scheduled to be hanged, desperate to prove that he is innocent of the charges of murder.
Zane Grey Theater Wire (TV-PG) A man is determined to stand his ground and not leave his farm, as his neighbors have previously done; he purchases some barbed wire to keep rival cattle away.
Zane Grey Theater License to Kill (TV-PG) A sheriffs right arm is temporarily not working, which puts him in a disadvantage in dealing with a wild gang of outlaws; a young man offers to help him out.
Laramie Dragon at the Door (TV-PG) Slim and Jess rescue a troupe of Japanese entertainers as they were heading east when their wagon breaks down near the Sherman Ranch.
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« Apache Uprising (TV-PG, NR, **) Outlaws and stage coach passengers who are traveling through an Indian controlled area of Arizona must band together to fight off the attacks of the Apaches.
Man in the Saddle (TV-PG, NR, **+) A wealthy landowner hires a gunman to intimidate his small-time rancher neighbor, whom his wife loves, in hopes of getting him to leave the area.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Dangerously Cute (HD, TV-G) Jack counts down six animals that he declares dangerous in spite of their cute appearance including the poison dart frog and duck-billed platypus.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Jack's Big Six (HD, TV-G) Jack Hanna has encountered each of the Big Five, Africa's most iconic creatures that are also among the most rare, and thinks one more belongs to that list.
« Operation Mad Ball (TV-14, NR, **+) A soldier wants to throw a party for his fellow servicemen and the nurses working at a French hospital but their strict captain forbids them to socialize.
The Wackiest Ship in the Army (TV-PG, NR, **+) When Americans take command of a broken-down schooner with a crew of misfits, they have no idea the ship has a top-secret mission to complete.
Zane Grey Theater Sundown at Bitter Creek (TV-PG) A man arrives into the town of Bitter Creek, and is trying to escape his past as a gun fighter; he arrival into town affects the lives of several people.
Zane Grey Theater The Stranger (TV-PG) A man rides into town, where he sees a man running out of a grocery store; in an attempt to stop him and bring him to justice, the man accidentally shoots him.
Zane Grey Theater Man of Fear (TV-PG) A famed gunman pays his friends, a young married couple, a visit; he learns of a dispute between the couple because the husband is paying protection money
Zane Grey Theater The Doctor Keeps a Promise (TV-PG) A cattleman who runs a town doesn't like that a doctor is spending so much time treating homesteaders and doesn't want him to become the new town doctor.
Laramie The Mountain Men (TV-PG) Slim and Jess are tricked into painting the roof of a barn while the owner and Mike head into town; their ranch is being used to hang a convicted murderer.
Zane Grey Theater Three Days to Death (TV-PG) A man from the east comes to the west to bring the man who killed his brother to justice; the killers identity is known but no one is willing to arrest him.
Zane Grey Theater Shadow of a Dead Man (TV-PG) A man wants to bring a bank robber to justice after his father has lost all of his savings; the tables are soon turned when the man is bitten by a rattlesnake.
Zane Grey Theater Debt of Gratitude (TV-PG) A marshal learns of a man wanted for murder, and sets out to arrest the man and bring him to the town of Prescott for a trial; the accused murder is town hero.
Zane Grey Theater A Handful of Ashes (TV-PG) An old man is the only man to volunteer to become deputy but the town thinks he is too old to effectively perform the job; he encounters a wanted outlaw.
Laramie The Accusers (TV-PG) Slim and Daisy are visiting Laramie for some stage line business and some shopping; Daisy is awakened by the sound of people arguing.
Zane Grey Theater Threat of Violence (TV-PG) A lawyer doesn't get the job he hoped to obtain, in which he would've worked with the mining company, after they learned he was once a violent gunfighter.
Zane Grey Theater Utopia, Wyoming (TV-PG) Two government surveyors come across an old ghost town occupied by former Confederates; the residents wish to not make their presence known to outsiders.
Zane Grey Theater The Scaffold (TV-PG) A leading citizen has been shot dead in broad daylight; the town and the widow seek quick justice for his killer; they put together a scaffold.
Zane Grey Theater Trail to Nowhere (TV-PG) A drought hits a town and only one rancher in the entire town has any access to water; he refuses to share it with his neighbors, which causes trouble.
Laramie Siege at Jubilee (TV-PG) Daisy takes Jess to the dentist in Cheyenne and ends up deputized to escort a prisoner back to Laramie; the man was arrested for robbing a bank.
Zane Grey Theater The Homecoming (TV-PG) After years of struggling to make a living from his land, a down-on-his-luck man robs a bank, and his wife convinces him to give the money back.
Zane Grey Theater The Accuser (TV-PG) A man discovers the body of a murdered rancher neighbor and attempts to provide comfort for the grieving widow; her son doesn't trust the man and resents him.
Zane Grey Theater Legacy of a Legend (TV-PG) A man comes to a town claiming to be a legendary gunfighter, except he has stolen the identity of a man who had been dead for twenty years.
Zane Grey Theater The Vaunted (TV-PG) A wanted man wishes to visit his wife and his son, but is being actively pursued by the law and have been for over a year; he plans a surprise ambush.
Laramie Handful of Fire (TV-PG) A fugitive has escaped from Fort Laramie during his court martial for a massacre that had taken place at Wounded Knee, which Slim had witnessed.
Zane Grey Theater A Thread of Respect (TV-PG) An immigrant and his son face prejudice and cruelty from the locals when they open a tailor shop in their new hometown; he refuses to defend himself.
Zane Grey Theater To Sit in Judgment (TV-PG) A lawman carries out a hanging sentence on a murderer, and the mans son promises to avenge his fathers death; divide on how to treat the boy.
Zane Grey Theater Pressure Point (TV-PG) A thief comes back to town to get revenge on those who killed his brother, and he finds out that the sheriff who killed him is now blind.
Zane Grey Theater Medal for Valor (TV-PG) A man agrees to serve in the military to replace the son of a wealthy man; he threatens to expose the deal, however, when they fail to give him everything.
Laramie The Day of the Savage (TV-PG) A man arrives at the Ranch and Relay Station in order to meet with his fiance to arrive on a coming coach; when he arrives he sees a tribe of Sioux natives.
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