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« Showdown at Boot Hill (TV-PG, NR, **) A deputy marshal kills a murderer in a town where he was a beloved citizen, and not one person in town is willing to identify him, which means no bounty.
Gunfighters (TV-PG, NR, ***) A gunslinger is forced to break his nonviolence vow and fight the greedy landowner who is getting his neighbor's to leave their land by any means necessary.
McLintock! (TV-PG, NR, ***) The estranged wife of a hard-drinking cattle baron returns home seeking a divorce, but a visit from the couple's daughter complicates matters.
Zane Grey Theater Vengeance Canyon (TV-PG) A young man sets out to search for his father and get his revenge, years after the his father had deserted he and his mother; he falls in with bandits.
Zane Grey Theater Courage Is a Gun (TV-PG) A man who is fast with a gun comes to town, where he accepts an offer to kill the towns sheriff, as part of a contract from a local saloon owner.
Zane Grey Theater No Man Living (TV-PG) A former sheriff has dedicated his life to finding the four men who shot his wife during a bank robbery and bringing them to justice; he has one left to go.
Zane Grey Theater Muletown Gold Strike (TV-PG) A former soldier plans to leave the war behind and find a new line of work; he finds new work as a school teacher; one of his students is obsessed with gold.
Laramie Bad Blood (TV-PG) Slim makes a promise to a young boy that he will take him to meet the father the boy never met, but he does not realize that the father is a wanted outlaw.
Zane Grey Theater Until the Man Dies (TV-PG) A man saves another man, a criminal, from being lynched and wants to prove that the state of Nevada is a place law and worthy of having statehood.
Zane Grey Theater Time of Decision (TV-PG) The son of the most influential man in the territory, a land baron, pressures a local farmer into a gunfight, and is later killed; the farmer must find justice.
Zane Grey Theater Dangerous Orders (TV-PG) A Union army captain is tasked with delivering orders through Native territory to the next fort, where he encounters several disruptions getting in his way.
Zane Grey Theater Backtrail (TV-PG) A man wishes to own the entire valley and puts a plan into action to scare off all of the ranchers; he hires a notorious gunman, who recognizes a rancher.
Laramie The Sometime Gambler (TV-PG) A gambler and ex-convict, with a poor reputation around Laramie, is approached by his old outlaw gang and is asked to help in a payroll robbery.
Zane Grey Theater The Necessary Breed (TV-PG) A bounty hunter follows a man to his home town to kill him, then he stops to to visit his wife; his wife tells her husband she can't be married to him.
Zane Grey Theater Fugitive (TV-PG) A young widow finds an injured fugitive inside her barn and soon finds that has some valuable information about her husband, who has been overdue to come home.
Zane Grey Theater Village of Fear (TV-PG) A traveling book salesman finds himself in a town where a man is hanging; he is forced at gunpoint to enter a barn where a robber gives him orders.
Zane Grey Theater There Were Four (TV-PG) A young man vows to get revenge on the wealthy rancher who murdered his father years ago; he joins a gang of three cattle thieves and lead a raid.
Laramie The Fortune Hunter (TV-PG) A charming and fast gunman sets his sights on Slims wealthy and beautiful fiance, but it much more interested in her money than anything else.
Zane Grey Theater Black Creek Encounter (TV-PG) A young man spends years searching, determined to goad an outlaw into a gunfight as revenge for killing his father twelve years before.
Zane Grey Theater A Time to Live (TV-PG) The lone survivor of an armed robbery recovers from his injuries but is told he has, at most, six months to live due to the location of the bullet.
Zane Grey Theater Decision at Wilson's Creek (TV-PG) A man decides to resign his commission in the confederate army so he may spend time with his family instead; everywhere he goes he is met with disgrace.
Zane Grey Theater Black Is for Grief (TV-PG) A man finally comes home after a long absence, due to the war, and finds that his wife had been murdered while he was gone; he uncovers a secret.
Laramie Beyond Justice (TV-PG) Slim and Mort have to guard a prisoner when their lives are complicated by the mans partners who want him dead; a beautiful woman wants to set him free.
Zane Grey Theater Badge of Honor (TV-PG) A man returns to Crawford, Texas after the war and finds that his town has been taken over by a former confederate colonel; the man must stand up to him.
Zane Grey Theater Man on the Run (TV-PG) A man is lost in the desert and follows a dead mans horse, hoping it will lead him to water; instead what he finds is a young lady who wishes to run away.
Zane Grey Theater The Promise (TV-PG) A mans father asks him of a favor before he dies, asking him to stay on the ranch and work his half of the property, which will be split with his brother.
Zane Grey Theater Blood in the Dust (TV-PG) A newly appointed schoolteacher refuses to give in to the demands of a notorious gunman to leave the town, as he believes in not backing down.
Laramie Double Eagles (TV-PG) A notorious outlaw and his gang are being chased by a posse, and he is faced with the decision to leave behind some of the gold eagle coins to tempt lawmen.
Warpath (TV-PG, PG, **) A vengeful man tracks down one of three men who killed his true love and learns the other two joined Custer's cavalry, so the determined man does the same.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown National Treasures (HD, TV-G) Jack explores Americas National Parks and Preserves to find rare animals that call these areas home such as bears, horses and elephant seals.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Getting Around (HD, TV-G) Wildlife enthusiast Jack Hanna counts down the most amazing ways he has explored nature, including hot-air balloons, camels, and even submarines.
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Walker, Texas Ranger Borderline (TV-PG) Alex finds herself becoming targeted by a wayward sheriff that she had previously worked to put behind bars when it is discovered that he has been released.
Walker, Texas Ranger A Shadow in the Night (TV-PG) Members of notorious gang the Yakuza swear revenge upon a U.S. Congressman after his assistant takes the life of one of their ranks.
Walker, Texas Ranger Bounty (TV-PG) Ranger Walker finds that he must join forces with a notorious bounty hunter after discovering that they share the task of tracking a bank robber.
Zane Grey Theater Proud Woman (TV-PG) A headstrong woman tries to not act out on her attraction to an intriguing drifter whom her father hired to work on the family ranch; horse thieves.
Zane Grey Theater Ride a Lonely Trail (TV-PG) Several of the leading citizens in town believe that their Sheriff is getting too old to carry out their job, and advise him against running for reelection.
Zane Grey Theater The Open Cell (TV-PG) A young man involved in a shooting is given another chance by a sheriff, who takes him into his custody for a year; the rest of the town wants him to fail.
Zane Grey Theater The Deserter (TV-PG) A young private deserts the Army and hops on a freight wagon with a manipulating woman who claims to love him; the Army sergeant is assigned to locate him.
Laramie War Hero (TV-PG) When a General visits the town of Laramie, somebody sends a clear message that they do not support his plans to run for president; Jess foils an assassin.
Zane Grey Theater A Gun Is for Killing (TV-PG) A mans oldest son is killed by a young gunman; his wife begs him not to seek the killer and seek revenge, but he is left with no choice when he goes to town.
Zane Grey Theater A Man to Look Up To (TV-PG) A lawyer is adjusting to life in a new town, which had just gone through a bank robbery; he finds one of the bank robbers wounded and hiding in his office.
Zane Grey Theater Episode in Darkness (TV-PG) A cattleman is framed for murder and he claims a witness could prove his innocence; the problem is that his only witness happens to be blind.
Zane Grey Theater A Gun for My Bride (TV-PG) A rancher fires his hand when he realizes his daughter is developing a romantic attraction to the help; the ranch hand and the ranchers daughter get married.
Laramie The Sunday Shoot (TV-PG) Shooters from all around come to Laramie for the annual Sunday Shoot, in which shooters compete for a $1000 prize; a boy from the mountain comes to town.
Zane Grey Theater The Bitter Land (TV-PG) A war hero is hired as the foreman of a womans ranch, but she plans to actually use his skills with a firearm in fighting in a range war against another ranch.
Zane Grey Theater Gift from a Gunman (TV-PG) A gunfighter visits an old friend, and says he is tired of living a life as a gunman and wants to finally settle down and start over; wife wants to leave.
Zane Grey Theater Trial By Fear (TV-PG) A local gunslinger kills a man who tried to kill him from his rooftop; the man is not loved by the locals and are looking for a reason to hang him.
Zane Grey Theater Man Unforgiving (TV-PG) A sheriff begins to suspect that his current house guest, a drifter, may actually be an Army doctor; he blames the doctor for the loss of his leg.
Laramie The Wedding Party (TV-PG) A jealous gang leader is determined to stop his ex-wife from getting remarried, despite the fact that the wedding is set to take place at her fathers ranch.
Zane Grey Theater The Freighter (TV-PG) A woman refuses to let a ruthless father and sons put her grandfathers freight line out of business, despite that the family has started to attack her.
Zane Grey Theater This Man Must Die (TV-PG) A prisoner escapes from police custody on the day before he was scheduled to be hanged, desperate to prove that he is innocent of the charges of murder.
Zane Grey Theater Wire (TV-PG) A man is determined to stand his ground and not leave his farm, as his neighbors have previously done; he purchases some barbed wire to keep rival cattle away.
Zane Grey Theater License to Kill (TV-PG) A sheriffs right arm is temporarily not working, which puts him in a disadvantage in dealing with a wild gang of outlaws; a young man offers to help him out.
Laramie Naked Steel (TV-PG) Slim makes a trip to Riverton to find out who killed a man and took all of the money he was carrying; he finds that two different people were responsible.
Zane Grey Theater Sundown at Bitter Creek (TV-PG) A man arrives into the town of Bitter Creek, and is trying to escape his past as a gun fighter; he arrival into town affects the lives of several people.
Zane Grey Theater The Stranger (TV-PG) A man rides into town, where he sees a man running out of a grocery store; in an attempt to stop him and bring him to justice, the man accidentally shoots him.
Zane Grey Theater Man of Fear (TV-PG) A famed gunman pays his friends, a young married couple, a visit; he learns of a dispute between the couple because the husband is paying protection money
Zane Grey Theater The Doctor Keeps a Promise (TV-PG) A cattleman who runs a town doesn't like that a doctor is spending so much time treating homesteaders and doesn't want him to become the new town doctor.
Laramie Lost Allegiance (TV-PG) While out looking for rustlers in a dust storm, Jess is injured by a falling tree and finds himself face-to-face with one of the very people he was looking for.
The Maverick Queen (TV-PG, NR, **+) A Pinkerton detective infiltrates an outlaw gang headed by a handsome woman and soon falls in love with her.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Animal Hospitals (HD, TV-G) Jack Hanna counts down some of the most intriguing and hard working hospitals that care for animals that he could find.
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Predator Alert (HD, TV-G) Jungle Jack counts down his favorite predators such as lions, crocs, leopards and hyenas while explaining why predators are important to the balance of nature.
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