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« Cave of Outlaws (TV-14, NR) After being released from prison, an outlaw travels to the hidden location where his gang hid loot from a train robbery, but he is followed during his journey.
The Trial of Billy Jack (TV-14, PG, *+) While Billy Jack is in prison, his students rebuild the Freedom School, start a newspaper and TV station, and stir up trouble by exposing local corruption.
« A Day of Fury (TV-14, NR, **) A marshal is on a manhunt when a gunslinger saves his life, but when the outlaw shows up in town, the citizens are scared the gunslinger will cause trouble.
The Californians The Vigilantes Begin (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days The Kickapoo Run (TV-PG) A marshal patrols the New Mexico land rush of 1895.
Death Valley Days Rainbow Chaser (TV-PG) When an irresponsible husband forces his family to survive without him, the family survives a bit too well.
Death Valley Days Sixth Sense (TV-PG) A blind girl plays a pivotal role in a search for robbers.
Walker, Texas Ranger Fight or Die (TV-14) Walker and two of the Ranger cohorts are forced to go undercover in order to investigate a series of forced fighting competitions in the prison system.
The Californians All That Glitters (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days Mr. Godiva (TV-PG) A reporter tries to amass a great fortune within only three days in order to win the hand of a business magnate's daughter.
Death Valley Days Death Valley Scotty (TV-PG) The true story of Walter Scott, a man who became a Western legend and who was at the center of a mystery that baffled the nation for decades, is told.
Death Valley Days The Saint's Portrait (TV-PG) A member of a Native American tribe steals a venerated portrait from neighboring braves.
Walker, Texas Ranger The General's Return (TV-14) Ranger Walker is forced to wage a conflict against a group of murderous gun-smugglers after discovering that they killed an undercover officer.
The Californians The Noose (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days Eleven Thousand Miners Can't Be Wrong (TV-PG) A politician tries to make Columbia the capital city of California.
Death Valley Days Black Bart (TV-PG) A teacher stages a holdup as a practical joke, but when the holdup is shockingly successful, he decides to make a career out of it.
Death Valley Days Lola Montez (TV-PG) The story of Lola Montez, a 19th-century Irish dancer, actress and courtesan who became the mistress of King Ludwig I of Bavaria, is told.
Walker, Texas Ranger Deadly Situation (TV-14) A corrupt cop frames a rookie and an act of desperation sees him taking Alex hostage in an attempt to tell his story and clear his name.
The Californians The Avenger (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days To Big Charlie from Little Charlie (TV-PG) Two mining partners, both named Charlie, strike it rich, but while one Charlie finds success, the other Charlie runs into failure.
Death Valley Days Halfway Girl (TV-PG) Family rivalries threaten two young lovers' romance.
Death Valley Days The Light on the Mountain (TV-PG) Two men try to overthrow the corrupt judicial system in Virginia City, Nev.
Walker, Texas Ranger Desperate Measures (TV-14) Four women being transported to a maximum-security prison are busted out by their biker boyfriends, and two of the women return to their lives of crime.
The Californians The Search for Lucy Manning (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days Sequoia (TV-PG) As a Cherokee named Sequoia attempts to painstakingly develop a written alphabet for his people, he becomes the object of ridicule.
Death Valley Days Death and Taxes (TV-PG) A deputy goes through some strange experiences while collecting taxes.
Death Valley Days Million Dollar Wedding (TV-PG) As part of a cruel joke, two prospectors offer their friend some shares in their mine if he'll marry a homely woman named Aggie Filene.
Walker, Texas Ranger Blood Diamonds (TV-14) Walker and his fellow Rangers try to stop an illegal arms deal being financed by blood diamonds; an outbreak of the Ebola virus threatens Alex.
Border River (TV-14, NR, **) A Confederate Army officer attempts to purchase weapons from Mexico during the Civil War, but he soon falls for a woman that spells trouble for him.
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« A Day of Fury (TV-14, NR, **) A marshal is on a manhunt when a gunslinger saves his life, but when the outlaw shows up in town, the citizens are scared the gunslinger will cause trouble.
Ride Beyond Vengeance (TV-PG, **+) A poor man falls in love with a woman who must pretend to be pregnant so that her upper-class aunt will allow them to marry but soon tires of his easy life.
« Hellcats of the Navy (TV-14, NR, **+) A United States Navy submarine and its crew see combat in the Second World War, where they place their lives in serious danger to fulfill a mission.
The Californians The Lost Queue (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days Riggs and Riggs (TV-PG) While on a trip to San Francisco to deposit his gold, a prospector falls victim to the temptations of the big city.
Death Valley Days Love 'Em and Leave 'Em (TV-PG) When a prospector finally strikes it rich, he decides to marry the girl he left behind, but unfortunately, the girl has stopped waiting for his hand.
Death Valley Days I Am Joaquin (TV-PG) As a ship transports gold, bandits force their way on board, murder almost all of the passengers and crew, and kidnap the captain's child.
Walker, Texas Ranger Storm Warning (TV-PG) Ranger Trivette schemes to go undercover in order to try and infiltrate a drug operation circulating through a local correctional facility.
The Californians The Regulators (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days The Seventh Day (TV-PG) Wagon train members object to their leader's desire to observe the Sabbath.
Death Valley Days The Crystal Gazer (TV-PG) When she sees her fortune in a crystal ball, the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter heads into the West to retrieve her riches.
Death Valley Days The Mormon's Grindstone (TV-PG) When a group of miners suspect an assayer of cheating them, they become hostile.
Walker, Texas Ranger Night of the Gladiator (TV-PG) Walker and Trivette are forced to pose undercover as street fighters to help a friend who is being blackmailed for a crime he didn't commit.
The Californians The Man From Boston (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days Valencia Cake (TV-PG) A Spanish family claims ownership over piece of land, but they're unable to find their deed.
Death Valley Days Reno (TV-PG) The story of Lt. Jessie Lee Reno, the man after whom the city of Reno, Nev., was named, is told.
Death Valley Days Homeliest Man in Nevada (TV-PG) A homely miner tries to win the affections of a beautiful girl.
Walker, Texas Ranger Something in the Shadows, Part 2 (TV-14) Tony gets busted while delivering the drugs but keeps quiet to protect his mother, while the Rangers have two suspects in the rape cases.
The Californians The Barber's Boy (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days California's First Ice Man (TV-PG) A Bostonian encounters a business enemy from back home, and the two quickly resume their rivalry by selling a precious commodity to the community.
Death Valley Days The Hangman Waits (TV-PG) A respectable, but aging lawyer and a young associate who's defending a man accused of murder get into a conflict.
Death Valley Days A Killing in Diamonds (TV-PG) Two prospectors claim to have found an incredible diamond mine that they must unfortunately sell.
Walker, Texas Ranger Deadly Vision (TV-PG) An eight-year-old girl is kidnapped, and Ranger Trivette finds that he must endure ridicule from his peers by consulting a professional psychic.
The Californians The Magic Box (TV-PG)
Death Valley Days Miracle of the Sea Gulls (TV-PG) A counterfeiter trying to escape from the law joins a wagon train of Mormons who are heading to Salt Lake City.
Death Valley Days Nevada's Plymouth Rock (TV-PG) When a New England family start a new life in a Nevada gold camp, they find their new life harder than they expected.
Death Valley Days Wildcat's First Piano (TV-PG) The delivery of a piano means the arrival of culture to a small mining town, but to their dismay, the townspeople find that no one knows how to play it.
Walker, Texas Ranger Stolen Lullaby (TV-PG) A young mother's baby is stolen from her and illegally adopted by a wealthy couple who need a child to aide in their political success.
The Big Trees (TV-PG, NR, **+) A lumber deal almost lands Jim Fallon in a Wisconsin jail due to an act of Congress, which claims under the Stone and Timber act of 1865 is no longer valid.
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