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Programs for WAFF-DT3 on Thursday, June 21, 2018
10:30 PM
Ride the High Country (TV-14, NR, ***) Two old gunslingers who have had careers on both sides of the law come to odds when they are hired to safeguard a shipment of gold.
1:00 AM
The Good Guys and The Bad Guys (TV-PG, PG, **+) An over-the-hill lawman sets out to capture an old enemy and finds he has been abandoned by his band of outlaws because of his age.
3:00 AM
Zane Grey Theater Seed of Evil (TV-PG) A man vows revenge on the man who killed his son, and wants to see justice be served; he learns that the killer is coming back to town to start a business.
3:30 AM
Zane Grey Theater Stagecoach to Yuma (TV-PG) A Marshal heads to Yuma to end the reign of a notorious outlaw woman.
4:00 AM
Zane Grey Theater Killer Instinct (TV-PG) A marshal has a reputation for going easy on a local town ruffian, but after the man kills another man, the sheriff is forced to pursue him.
4:30 AM
Zane Grey Theater Calico Bait (TV-PG) A deputy is following a bandit and is using his girlfriend as bait to get his attention; as they wait for him to arrive, he and the woman instantly connect.
5:00 AM
Zane Grey Theater So Young the Savage Land (TV-PG) A couple struggles to keep their ranch afloat due to the greed of a neighboring rancher trying to claim their land.
5:30 AM
Zane Grey Theater The Ox (TV-PG) A former Confederate soldier gets out of prison and aims to get his revenge on his old commanding officer for putting him behind bars in the first place.
6:00 AM
Death Valley Days California's Paul Revere (TV-PG) A man must make a perilous ride to Monterey for reinforcements when his garrison in Los Angeles is threatened by the Mexican army.
6:30 AM
Death Valley Days The Rosebush of Tombstone (TV-PG) A courageous woman decides to reform the town of Tombstone, Ariz.
7:00 AM
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The Almost Dead Cowhand (TV-PG) A cowboy, who is visiting from Texas, decides to take the law into his own hands when one of Dodge City's gamblers cheats him out of his money.
7:30 AM
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The Reformation Of Jim Kelley (TV-PG) A promoter attempts to get rid of Marshal Wyatt Earp before forging his name onto ownership paper of a local gambling saloon, but Wyatt catches him.
8:00 AM
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp So Long, Dora, So Long (TV-PG) Dora Hand, a local saloon girl, is shot to death on the eave of her wedding night; Wyatt Earp vows revenge and pursues the saloon girl's killer.
8:30 AM
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Bat Masterson Wins His Star (TV-PG) Bat Masterson tries to get a job as Wyatt's deputy by attempting to solve a holdup on the Santa Fe railroad, but he soon discovers the job's hardships.
9:00 AM
Laramie Ladies Day (TV-PG) Slim and Jess are in need of a housekeeper to help corral the energetic Mike Williams so he can continue to live on the ranch permanently.
10:00 AM
Laramie The Mountain Men (TV-PG) Slim and Jess are tricked into painting the roof of a barn while the owner and Mike head into town; their ranch is being used to hang a convicted murderer.
11:00 AM
San Antonio (TV-PG, NR, **) When a reformed cowboy is run off his land by cattle rustlers, his life is put in danger when he realizes that he and the thief are in love with the same woman.
1:30 PM
Death Valley Days The Luck of the Irish (TV-PG) A doctor tries to curb an epidemic in a Paiute village.
2:00 PM
Death Valley Days Trial of the Red Haskell (TV-PG) A hard luck miner at the center of a robbery-murder trial, being identified by each witness, recalls a meeting with a man who is almost his exact double.
2:30 PM
Death Valley Days Lady Engineer (TV-PG) A woman becomes the center of a quarrel between two miners, one of whom is in love with her, and the other of whom wants her father's property.
3:00 PM
Death Valley Days Train of Events (TV-PG) An outlaw and her gang are determined to rob a train bound for Montana.
3:30 PM
Death Valley Days The Man Who Was Never Licked (TV-PG) Caught up in the gold frenzy, a man travels to California in 1853 to seek his fortune.
4:00 PM
Laramie The Fatal Step (TV-PG) Jess rides shotgun on a stage coach carrying a large payroll, but he doesn't know that the coach has been sabotaged so it will eventually wreck.
5:00 PM
Laramie The Accusers (TV-PG) Slim and Daisy are visiting Laramie for some stage line business and some shopping; Daisy is awakened by the sound of people arguing.
6:00 PM
Copper Canyon (TV-PG, NR, **) A former Confederate officer joins a vaudeville target-shooting show to avoid detection by the Union army, and falls in league with a group of copper-miners.
8:00 PM
The Command (TV-PG, NR, **+) A cavalry medical officer is all of a sudden forced to assume command after the unit's commander has been killed in hostile territory.
10:30 PM
The Charge at Feather River (TV-PG, NR, **) Without regard for his own safety, a courageous frontiersman embarks on a daring rescue mission in an attempt to locate two women missing in Indian territory.
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