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Programs for WAFF-DT3 on Saturday, May 27, 2017
12:00 AM
Walker, Texas Ranger The Principal (TV-14) A high school campus experiences an alarming influx in the usage of drugs, and the Rangers learn that one of the instructors is a prime suspect.
1:00 AM
Walker, Texas Ranger (TV-PG) Trivette launches an investigation after his girlfriend mysteriously disappears before risqué photos of her show up around the Internet.
2:00 AM
The Frogmen (TV-PG, NR, **) A commanding officer's new assignment of bringing discipline back to a group of demolition experts earns the respect of his men by defusing a live torpedo.
4:30 AM
Death Valley Days The World's Greatest Swimming Horse (TV-PG) An anthology of Western adventure stories based on the old American West, including that of the Death Valley.
5:00 AM
Flaming Feather (TV-14, NR, **+) A rancher and a cavalry officer make a wager on who will be the first to capture an elusive bandit.
7:00 AM
The Legend of Custer (TV-PG, NR, **) General George Armstrong Custer tries to shape a crew of misfits into the 7th Cavalry, then discovers that a trader has sold weapons to the neighboring Kiowas.
9:00 AM
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown A Nose Knows (HD, TV-G) Jack looks at animals with legendary noses that they use to to flirt, fight, and even bathe with.
9:30 AM
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Armed with Armor (HD, TV-G) Jack takes a look at a collective of creatures that are armed to the teeth or protected with thorns, spikes and shields.
10:00 AM
The Brady Barr Experience Giant Salamanders (HD, TV-G) Doctor Brady Barr sets out on an expedition to try to find the world's largest salamanders, which are giant salamanders that can grow up to five feet long.
10:30 AM
Sea Rescue Superheroes of the Superstorm (TV-G) Rescuers and animal caretakers on the U.S. East Coast brave Superstorm Sandy in order to save the many animals affected by the storm.
11:00 AM
Sea Rescue Landlocked and Lost (TV-G) The tiniest manatee ever rescued by SeaWorld has a habit of getting lost, but there is always someone watching to help him out and get him back on track.
11:30 AM
Rock the Park Sequoia: In the Land of Giants (HD, TV-G) Jack and Colton visit Sequoia National Park to set foot in the land of giants, and then they face their fears and climb a 150-foot sheer granite rock wall.
12:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger Deadly Situation (TV-14) A corrupt cop frames a rookie and an act of desperation sees him taking Alex hostage in an attempt to tell his story and clear his name.
1:00 PM
The Rookie (TV-14, R, **+) After his partner is murdered, a veteran detective is forced to team with a rookie cop struggling with his brother's death to track down a pair of car thieves.
3:30 PM
Heartbreak Ridge (TV-14, R, ***) A Marine recon sergeant on his final tour of duty is assigned to prepare a sorry platoon of green recruits for combat in the invasion of Grenada.
6:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger Lucky (TV-14) Ranger Walker uses a homeless man's pet canine to track him down in order to learn about his witnessing of a priest's untimely murder.
7:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger The Deadliest Man Alive (TV-14) A professional assassin with a notorious reputation as the world's best comes to Dallas to fulfill a contract, but Walker has other plans in store for him.
8:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger A Ranger's Christmas (TV-PG) Tale about a former Ranger who regained his faith in Christmas after transporting a very devout convict during the late 19th century.
9:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger Mayday (TV-PG) While escorting a witness, Ranger Walker and several other passengers survive a plane explosion before being hunted down by the culprit.
10:00 PM
Buffalo Girls (TV-PG, **+) Infamous cowgirl Calamity Jane tries to build a life for herself on the male-dominated American frontier.
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