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« 2018 Olympic Winter Games Ski Jumping, Speed Skating from PyeongChang, South Korea (HD) The Dutch go for a second consecutive podium sweep in men's 500m speed skating; Austria and Norway challenge Poland in the men's team large hill event.
WAFF 48 News Now (New)
WAFF 48 News at 5 (New) Details affecting local, regional and national news events of the day are provided by the WAFF 48 News Team, as well as updates on area weather and traffic.
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (HD, New) Crucial events and developments from the United States and around the world are covered by the anchors and correspondents of the NBC News team.
WAFF 48 News at 6 (New) The WAFF 48 Evening News Team presents a comprehensive look at the news events of the day and updates on local weather conditions and rush-hour traffic.

Daily | 14 Day
« Akeelah and the Bee (TV-PG, PG, ***+) A timid girl enters levels of spelling bee competitions, but deals with tribulations when other contestants intend to threaten her by belittling her aptitude.
Half & Half The Big Mothers for Others Episode (TV-14) Phyllis recruits Mona, Spencer and Adam to help out with a telethon, but when Big Dee Dee participates, Phyllis becomes frustrated and reveals a big secret.
Half & Half The Big Thorne in My Side Episode (TV-14) Phyllis is paired up with a bitter, divorced professor, but when the relationship doesn't end well, the instructor seeks revenge against her by turning her in.
The Bernie Mac Show Fumes of D├ętente (TV-PG) Bernie is pleasantly surprised when Vanessa's friend, Tasha, is well-behaved during her visit from Chicago and shows Vanessa that acting out is unappreciated.
The Bernie Mac Show An Exercise in Fertility, Part 1 (TV-14) As Bernie overcomes his reluctance about having a child, he and Wanda find that it is a more difficult task than they had anticipated.
Living Single Another Saturday Night (TV-PG) Kyle is thrilled at the opportunity to be an escort for a princess that is doing business with his company but realizes her security cramps his style with her.

Daily | 14 Day
Death Valley Days To Walk with Greatness (TV-PG) Having just graduated from West Point, John J. Pershing tracks down two white renegades who murdered two Zuni Indians.
Laramie No Second Chance (TV-PG) A woman from Slim Shermans past comes back to Laramie with her own agenda, to ruin the stage that ruined her fathers life; it begins with sending thugs.
Laramie Drifter's Gold (TV-PG) Slim arrives in Laramie to purchase supplies and finds that the town is almost empty, due to rumors of a gold strike; it appears a gang started the rumor.
Tribute to a Bad Man (TV-14, NR, **+) A tough rancher named Jeremy Rodock dispenses his own brand of justice in the West, alienating both his ranch hands and the woman who loves him.
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